5 Things Savvy Phoenix Real Estate Investors Are Doing to Their Portfolios

5 Things Savvy Phoenix Real Estate Investors Are Doing to Their Portfolios

Just as the seeds in a garden need attention to come to fruition, so too does your real estate portfolio. The security of knowing you’ll live out your retirement years on your terms comes from careful planning and commitment to your investment portfolio to build, grow and produce long-term income. Savvy investors understand that your investment portfolio acts as a guide to your investments. Additionally, it contains the history of your investments. As a result, your portfolio is a valuable tool, showing your experience and the value of your holdings when seeking financing or building partnerships.

A healthy real estate portfolio must be well-tended. Therefore, real estate investors must continually assess current holdings for changes in that particular market sector for necessary adjustments to your investment strategy. Read on to discover five things savvy Phoenix real estate investors are doing to their portfolios. 


One thing savvy Phoenix real estate Investors are doing to build a hedge against inflation into their portfolios is carefully balancing their holdings across all sectors of the market, known as diversification. Then, should a period with a downturn affect one section of their portfolio, the assets in other sectors can carry them through. While it takes a great deal of dedication to monitor your holdings and enact exit strategies early when called for, or locate new holdings to strengthen any weak areas adds a sense of security about your future income that is priceless. For those ready to enjoy their golden years and enjoy genuinely passive income, you can rely on professional investors like those at Cowley Home Buyers to keep your Phoenix real estate portfolio producing the highest returns.

Adding Land

Another thing that savvy Phoenix real estate investors are doing to their portfolios is adding land of all sorts. Land can be a profitable investment; land appreciates due to the ever-increasing demand and a limited supply. Therefore, many opportunities exist to tie your investment in raw or developed land with personal or business passions and serve a dual purpose within this real estate category. Like other real estate properties, investors can hold land, and even raw land offers opportunities for returns, such as seasonal rentals from vendors on busier roadways in Phoenix. In addition, your portfolio may benefit from developing land for business purposes or subdivided and sold with or without improvements. It takes unique insight to understand the value of land, so working with someone experienced in this real estate area, like the experts at Cowley Home Buyers, is always recommended.


Savvy Phoenix real estate Investors are also adding commercial real estate to their portfolios. Like land, commercial properties can be an exciting way to build other business interests, hold or improve, and resale. As with other specialized areas of Phoenix real estate, there are reliable formulas to follow that calculate ROI or the investment return, and many factors influence these numbers. These formulas guide savvy investors in selecting only the best opportunities for their investment dollars. But, again, you can rely on the accomplished professional investors at Cowley Home Buyers to ensure your commercial real estate investments in Phoenix are sound.


By partnering, savvy Phoenix real estate Investors can add more properties to their portfolios in a shorter period. In addition, as a side benefit, partners can build off each other’s strong suits to further increase the potential of the real estate investment business. Professional investors like those at Cowley Home Buyers make great partners with a strong work ethic, working side by side with local investors like you. 

Utilizing Owner Financing

Savvy Phoenix real estate Investors are taking advantage of owner financing as a creative way to build their portfolios. There are many reasons to forego the traditional mortgage lender. When sellers offer to finance investment property for buyers, it can be a jump start to new investors while providing time to save for a larger down. Or use owner financing to add a great opportunity to your real estate portfolio without using all of your equity. At Cowley Home Buyers, our team has years of experience helping investors use owner financing.

Let the pros at Cowley Home Buyers help you achieve all of the things savvy Phoenix real estate investors do to their portfolios. The professional investors at Cowley Home Buyers will help you build a robust portfolio, realize the best return on your investments, and achieve your dreams. From beginning to seasoned investors, Cowley Home Buyers is here to help. From rehabbing to inspections, property management, and everything in between, at Cowley Home Buyers, we have a team on hand from every walk of the real estate industry to serve you. We stop and take the time to listen to you at Cowley Home Buyers, answering any questions or concerns you may have with no obligation. Don’t forget to ask about our current inventory of the best investment properties available in Phoenix. Contact Cowley Home Buyers at (480) 744-5941.


Do your research.

Audit other comparable home sales in the area to learn what they were listed at, and how they sold. Make fair concessions and compromises when it comes to valuing your home, and be sure that the list price is based on attributes your home comparatively has, or lacks.

Online tools make it easy to get information about recent sales using public data such as tax records. You can also usually access photos of similar properties if they were sold recently, to see how the homes were staged and photographed to highlight the most eye-catching features. Remember that the online photos you list for your sale are going to be the first impression for many prospective buyers, so be mindful of what the “good” listings looked like.

You may also find that your neighborhood has a flurry of sales activity in spring or summer, which could affect the timing of your sale; be aware of when buyers are apt to be shopping for new homes, and when your home might be a standout in an active marketplace.

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